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STEM Strategies Group

Focusing on science, technology, engineering, and math, the STEM Strategies Group works across UC Davis colleges and departments to understand the big picture of STEM opportunities and outlook for the University.  By leveraging resources, driving program development, and encouraging collaboration the group is able to foster opportunities for prospective and current undergraduate and graduate students at UC Davis. Additionally the Group works regionally with partners to develop student pipeline programs as well as increase the footprint of UC Davis as a premier STEM institution regionally and nationally through public partnerships.  

Meet the Team


beth_broome_profileBeth Broome
Senior Advisor to the Provost, UC Davis STEM Strategies

Beth leads the STEM Strategies team whose work centers around creating opportunities and advancing efforts to engage business, industry, and regional stakeholders in supporting equity-driven STEM initiatives across the university. We accomplish this by leveraging the university’s assets to build high quality partnerships that are mutually beneficial for both institutions and, most importantly, benefit students. Beth incorporates her background in interdisciplinary education, nonprofit, and community planning expertise to create these strategic partnerships and initiatives aligned to the STEM mission of the University.
email: bfbroome@ucdavis.edu         phone: (530) 979-4782 



Erin R. Silva, MA
STEM Strategies Group Project Manager

Providing project management guidance, including program development, timelines, deliverables, and program evaluation for all department projects within the Group, Erin is excited to support programs with direct impact for students at UC Davis. Having worked in higher education, production, non-profit, and technology industries, Erin is eager to work with the STEM Strategies Group to create opportunities for all in STEM fields.
email: ersilva@ucdavis.edu        phone: (530) 304-3671




Subra Muralidharan
Campus Adviser for Undergraduate Research

Subra Muralidharan has been in higher education for over 35 years, teaching and performing funded research in biochemistry and biophysics as faculty at multiple universities.  His current focus is improving undergraduate research opportunities for URMs as Campus Adviser for Undergraduate Research and Director of the Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) program.  As a STEM Strategies team member, his efforts aim to secure funding for undergraduate research through internal and external collaborations.
email: subra.murali@ucdavis.edu       phone: (509) 715-9207



Pamela Hernandez
Snap the Gap Program Coordinator

Pamela Hernandez assists the STEM Strategies Group in multiple ways including program and project assistance to focus on the priorities, strategies, and vision of the STEM Strategies Group and the Snap the Gap Project.  A UC Davis graduate with a major in Cell Biology and a minor in Education, Pamela has always been an advocate of STEM and hopes to work alongside more initiatives and projects that support all students in learning and thriving in STEM.
email: pahernandez@ucdavis.edu        phone: (530) 754-0662

General Questions can be sent to stemstrategies@ucdavis.edu