Access and Equity

Access and Equity Work

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This work is committed to defining and building connections across campus and the region to create opportunities for students to enter the STEM workforce, with a focus on those historically underrepresented in the STEM fields. Efforts are designed to:

  1. Create clarity, connectivity, and flexibility through the design, development and implementation of systems, programs and alliances.
  2. Understand current student population characteristics and how they inform organizational practice.
  3. Explore trends in persistence and retention, as well as future workforce needs and strategically respond to changes

The Avenue Model

The Avenue system is designed to serve high-potential, low-resource students who possess and demonstrate commitment or potential for leadership to positively impact the elimination barriers that prevent full participation of women and those historically underrepresented in STEM careers.

This model is heavily reliant on partnership with area community colleges to streamline the transfer process, often referred to as the transfer maze.  

The Avenue model delivers a series of interventions and wraparound services, leveraging existing programs and fills gaps remaining in the transfer student pipeline. The Avenue model can be replicated and applied in other areas of the student’s journey throughout higher education.